About Wetlands

Written by Balachander T

Wetlands of the Nilgiri region are unique, unlike wetlands in general – these are small sized hill wetlands, life giving in nature…habitat for a variety of wildlife, flora and meet the needs of the people.

These wetlands are fragmented in small random patches – with underground connectivity of water channels. There are no dramatic landscapes that lead to the wetland zones, it is sometimes found in the most unexpected places – and therefore has been taken for granted and their functions and roles significantly underestimated.

In the upper areas of Mukurti National Park – wetlands occupy central places as they are the corridors of the streams. They form belts around the streams and contribute to the flow – bringing in water and other nutrients from the side slopes and grasslands. Over the years,there has been an apparent destruction of these valuable habitats, the scale of which is unprecedented in human history. Large wetlands in the Nilgiris also suffered from the same fate.

With increasing population pressure and immense problems of degradation, wetlands are usually the first casualties. At the same time, indigenous people attach a high degree of importance to the resources and their willingness to protect the wetlands needs to be tapped.

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