The Nilgiris is traditionally considered a water rich area, the source of rivers and home to innumerable springs and wetlands. However over the last few years, there has been a growing water crisis, mainly centered around urban areas, but also affecting the countryside.
Through this portal, we aim to share as much data, information and knowledge as possible that would help support sustainable water resource management. This is a platform that is seeded with information from Keystone Foundation’s work. We hope that this will grow into a public repository and be a one stop shop for all water related information in the Nilgiris.

Here’s a film that gets us thinking about water resources in the Nilgiris.

  • On 18th September 2018, we celebrated the World Water Monitoring Day with students from International Community School, Kotagiri and members of Kotagiri Citizen's Collective.  We kicked off the event by visiting the spring near the Old Police Station in Kotagiri town where we could see sources of contamination affecting the spring. This was followed by a visit to the spring in Happy Valley where conservation efforts have been going on for the last 12 years. The students also received vials that helped them check for faecal coliform in water sources they access in their homes and at their school. The results mostly came back indicating faecal contamination. The event underlined the importance of water quality monitoring in ensuring safe drinking water access for all.