Presentation from the CEPF Evaluation Meeting on 4th July 2013

Written by Balachander T
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The work done on the Mainstreaming… project was presented to CEPF partners ‘ group at Kotagiri on 4th July 2013. The presentation file can be accessed from here. We received valuable feedback including a suggestion to look at conversion of landuse to grasslands category as it would have greater impact on hydrological flows. We intend to add this as a scenario option in the model and its results shortly.


  1. S.Rajkumar

    Yesterday’s calamity is a warning sign for the residents of Coonoor and a learning for all the people who are sensitive to the issue of Climate Change effect in Nilgiris.

    Firstly, we need to accept that we abuse our water ways to a large extent and the disaster was clearly a witness to the amount of garbage that we have dumped in the Coonoor River and we keep doing it. There is no control or no one is bothered to make a hue an cry to stop this nonsence.

    The second factor is that I would like to ask the required authorities to give is a statement on what is the actual width of the river at the Krishnapuram area which had actually triggered the disaster. I am certain that there are indescriminate encrouchments that are turned a blind eye to with the rampant corrupt situation prevailing in this country.

    The third most important aspect is whatever precautions that you take you can never match the wrath of nature and your disaster preparedness is nothing when you are caught unaware like this. The Citizens Forum of Coonoor should take this up as a major issue to be addressed or else there will be a time that we will regret for all our ill doings to mother nature.

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